Seamless Set Of 3 Air Bra

₹ 1,199.00₹ 1,499.00

Descriptions: Air Bra - No Hooks,No Straps, No More Bra Line Bulges Full coverage cups custom fit to any size, keeping everything in place. Now no more embarrassing back fat, shapeless curves & painful wires. Seamless Aire Bra shapes, supports and styles for the most flattering figure ever. Its soft and stretchable Air Knit fabric allows your skin to breathe & it feels like wearing another skin. 3 Bras for the price of one! Available in three Colors. Aire Bra Features: It gives full coverage and adjust easily Gives a proper shape to all sizes Ultra comfortable, boots confidence Machine washable and safe for machine drying Highly durable in terms of form and color Does not have rolls and bra lines It comes in three different sizes- Small, Medium & large Can be used as sports bra as it can stretch at comfort Perfect fitting to all shapes and sizes Best quality fiber, contains 92% Nylon and 8 % spandex Product Benefits: 1. Spilling out of cups that are too small 2. Bulging under the arms 3. Embarrassing back fat 4. Wires that pinch 5. Straps that fall down What it includes: Seamless set of 3 air bras are made available at a smart price of 1199 rupees.